Here are things you should never, never, ever do in Minecraft. Or else, you either die, waste, or else. So here it is! But note this, we are not responsible if your diamonds fall in lava. It happens all the time, even to us!

Things that cause deathEdit

Never dig straight downEdit

Never, ever, ever dig down. Why? You'll soon fall into a cave (can be full of hostile mobs), lava, or even a deadly dungeon. A 2x1 hole is much safer, but still dangerous. You'll also be stuck if you're in Survival.

Never dig straight upEdit

Sand, gravel, mobs, lava, and water can suffocate, attack, drown and burn you to death. If you have 1.9 Beta or up, you will be able to sense liquids above you.

  • Red = Lava
  • Blue = Water
  • Green = Slime!

Always watch out for anything, and be prepared. We warned you...

Don't stand in front of the block you are miningEdit

Big, bad things might happen! Lava might drown you, mobs, monster spawner, or even lead you to a ravine. Proceed with caution if you hear a strange sound.

Never look at EndermenEdit

They sense you. Wear a Pumpkin on your head and they think you are passive. This is the easiest way to kill endermen.

Never try to kill Creepers without a bowEdit

Their explosions can be deadly, and destroy property. If you do not have a home bed you could risk losing everything.

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