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Having trouble in Survival? Here is a guide you should follow.


  • You are on Easy or harder.
  • You are on survival.

When You SpawnEdit

Time: 0 seconds

You should spawn at a random biome.

Are you in a biome with trees?Edit

Time: 0 seconds-2 minutes

If for some reason you spawned in the plains or desert, you NEED to find a biome with trees ASAP. Start sprinting until you find a tree filled biome.

Collecting WoodEdit

Time: 2 minutes

Nearly immediately you should begin to collect wood. Quickly get one log and make a crafting table. Place it down and get right back to work. Take down 2 more logs, craft 4 sticks and 4 wood planks. Make a wood axe, and begin to cut down more trees. Collect any apples you find. Keep some LOGS.

Getting FoodEdit

Time: 2 minutes

With a fifth of Minecraft day already gone, gather some food, as you will need some. Look for cows especially for leather and beef, but if you are planning to farm some, keep some cows (at least two).

Find A Good Place To ShelterEdit

Time: 15 seconds-2 minutes

Now, you see about 2/5 of the Minecraft day is complete. Find a nice flat area, near a river especially as it can bear food such as fish.

Build Your ShelterEdit

Time: 2-3 Minutes

Now with the Sun over halfway, or at halfway begin to build a shelter. It does not have to be large, you can make it out of wood planks. Place a chest and place materials inside, and make a door so mobs cannot go in. Make a door, and place it. Make sure you do NOT use all your wood logs for wood planks as you need some for the next 2 steps.

Getting StoneEdit

Time: 1 Minute

Make a pick, and start a mine. When you hit 8 cobblestone come back up. Craft a furnace.

Getting TorchesEdit

Time: 1-2 Minutes

With about 1-2 minutes remaining, put wood logs and planks in a furnace to make Charcoal. Then take the charcoal with some sticks, and make torches. Place them in your home for ample light, so mobs cannot spawn.

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