Vital statistics
Type Solid
Tool Pickaxe
Physics None
Blast resistance 17.5
First added Alpha 0.6.0
Hex 245
Dex F5 Bin 111110101

The Stonecutter is a block only available in Pocket Edition and is used to make Stone and related items. It is crafted with 4 Cobblestone.


Version history Info Added
Alpha 0.6.0 Added block. January 30, 2013
McPeLogo Pocket Edition
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Version exclusive
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Grid Blank Invisible BedrockUpdate Block Update Game Block (Ate!Upd Block ate!Upd) • Stone .name
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 For a long time it was used for making other stones then normal stone like polished granite and all that but this year (2017) it was removed but it had the use still after you were able to use crafting tables for the tasks that it did but it was removed at the first update of the year. All of this was for pocket edition