This is the version history for Minecraft Pocket Edition or known as PE.

Version history and upcoming features
  • Alpha

A "?" means that the info was guesswork. A bold update number means it is a major update.


Version Info Date



  • Blocks
    • ​Birch and Spruce Planks, Slabs and Stairs
    • Block of Coal
    • Carpets
      • No red carpet in creative
    • Cobblestone Wall
    • Hay Bale
    • Iron Bars
    • Jack O'Lantern
    • Rail
    • Powered Rails (no redstone needed)
    • Creative only:
      • ​Jungle Wooden Planks, Leaves, Stairs, and Slabs
      • Sponge
      • Dead Bush
      • Mossy Cobblestone Walls
      • Cobwebs
  • Crops:
    • Beetroots
      • Can be smelted to get Red Dye
    • Carrots and Potatoes
      • Can be rarely dropped by Zombies
    • Pumpkins
  • Items:
    • ​Beetroot Seeds
      • 1/15 chance to get them when ground is hoed
    • Clocks
    • Compasses
    • Minecarts
    • Pumpkin Seeds
    • Redstone
      • Can't place wires until 0.9.0
    • Ink Sac (only Creative)
    • Cocoa Beans (crafted from Sacs and Orange wool)
  • Foods:
    • ​Beetroots
    • Beetroot Soup
    • Carrots
    • Potatoes
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Baked Potatoes


  • Mining speed increased in Creative
  • Bone Meal can be nerfed
  • Bone Meal can now grow ferns and tall grass in both modes
  • Bone Meal makes Sugar Cane to maximum height, which is PE exclusive
  • Bone Meal makes flowers spread
  • Bone Meal makes pumpkins and melons grow by one stage
  • Fire and lava ignite TNT
  • (Creative) Players stop burning when they leave the fire or lava
  • Redstone Ore drops redstone
  • Wood blocks can be placed sideways
  • Bow rendering animations
  • Visual effect for burning mobs
  • New Painting renderin
  • Eating particles
  • Throwing eggs spawns baby chickens
  • Wooden tools can be used as fuel
  • Lava buckets can be smelted for 100 items
  • SIgns and Chest sync lag in multiplayer edited
  • Sand and Gravel are dropped when on top of a torch or similar
  • Flower position random
  • Tessellation alorgithm on clouds
  • Held items rendered in 3D and bob up and down while walking or sprinting
  • Water, Sky and Grass has lighter colors
  • Water becomes non transperent when far away (iOS only)
  • Mipmaps (iOS only)
  • Refactored rendering
  • Sky rendering uses triangle fan
  • Inventory rendered using cached VBOs.
  • New arrow model
  • Seperated near and far chunks
  • Stencil shadows
  • Dynamic lighting on mobs
  • Ambient lighting on entities
  • Light direction changes sunlight direction or entities, and effects shadows
  • Creative mode menu: Things added
    • Flint and Steel
    • Ice
    • Snow
    • Bedrock
    • Shears
    • Dyes
    • Tall Grass
    • Ferns
  • Creative inventory has four categories, similar to PC edition
  • Creative hotbar saves
  • Items moved to a chest rendering improved
  • Hotbar slightly transperent
  • [ ... ] button can close the inventory
  • Craftable recipes are shown first on crafting screen
  • If there is 99+ of an item, the crafting table shows the actual quantity
  • Items replace the slot when a item is removed from the inventory or [chest?]
  • Flow of inventory changed
  • Grey Wool is in the right inventory slot
  • Ice isn't transperent in the hotbar
  • Glitch items no longer have a red background in the hotbar



  • New app logo (for iOS 7?)
  • Realms fixes[1]
  • New keyboard design for iOS 7 (iOS only)
  • Realms servers in alphabetical order
  • "Disconnected from server" (when kicked) has a kick screen
  • "Invited to Realms Alpha?" option now in Options menu

Bug fixes:

  • Throwable eggs on Realms
  • Trapdoor bugs
  • Door bugs
  • Various crash bugs[1]

Found bugs:

  • Bows seem to be throwed by hand
  • Throwing eggs, snowballs, using a bow or eating in survival requires tapping and holding on a reachable block.

Android: October 11, 2013

iOS: October 16, 2013



Bug fixes:

  • MCPE-5179 Can't place Trapdoors
  • MCPE-5202 Double chest can be created vertically
  • MCPE-5192 When typing / and hitting enter crashes game
  • MCPE-2873 Incorrect Dark-Leave texture
  • MCPE-5201 Placing Cake or Sugar Cane crashes game
  • MCPE-5232 Wool not flammable
  • MCPE-5233 Creepers don't cancel detonation
  • MCPE-5224 Buckets no longer pick up water or lava in Creative
  • MCPE-5237 Buckets double after crafting cake

Android: September 4, 2013

iOS: September 12, 2013




  • "External" button in selelction screen (for IP uses)
  • New sound when tools break (faint), and also a new sound when Flint and Steel is used, also faint
  • Tapping and holding on a creeper with Flint and Steel causes it to explode. This is Pocket Edition exclusive.
  • Splash changes every time the player quits a world


  • Fire has idle sounds
  • Clouds slightly darkened
  • Orbit size of sun and moon increased
  • The sun disappears during night, and so forth. This fixes MCPE-4925

Bugs fixed:

  • MCPE-156: Cannot eat food in succession
  • MCPE-228: Top half a door can replace a non-air block
  • MCPE-480: Crafting menu doesn't show numbers for damaged tools
  • MCPE-1022: Player can eat extra food while moving
  • MCPE-1221: Uncraftable quarts items
  • MCPE-1615: No Sandstone stairs in Survival
  • MCPE-1667: Health and Armor icons obstruct Sign menu
  • MCPE-1715: Signs don't drop as items
  • MCPE-1955: Symbols on Signs get erased
  • MCPE-2480: Various items share name with data-value counterparts
  • MCPE-3098: Cake consumption not saved
  • MCPE-3857: Empty buckets can destroy water blocks
  • MCPE-3863: Not dying in The Void
  • MCPE-3897: Buckets move to inventory when filled
  • MCPE-3960: Filled buckets are stackable
  • MCPE-4193: Leaves disappear
  • MCPE-4340: Lava bucket cannot be used as fuel
  • MCPE-4556: Limited unicode characters on signs
  • MCPE-4587: Wooden Doors  open on world load
  • MCPE-4778: While in chest inventory and Creeoer explodes, game crashes
  • MCPE-4866: Chest show only side texture in hand and when dropped
  • MCPE-4869: Items in crafting table not properly counted
  • MCPE-4878: Tapping the "back" button while in chest inventory sends you to the title screen, leading to many other severe bugs
  • MCPE-4891: Chests shake while breaking
  • MCPE-4901: After dying in Creative, empty inventory slots are added
  • MCPE-4912: Chest noises not synced with animation
  • MCPE-4914: Chests have lighting bugs when other blocks are placed around them
  • MCPE-4915: On LAN, chests don't work properly
  • MCPE-4925: Moon can be seen under the player at high velocities
  • MCPE-4926: Splash texts don't change unless game is force-closed
  • MCPE-4931: Crafting Wooden Slab only returns one slab
  • MCPE-4947: Chest sound absent on LAN
  • MCPE-4999: Can't type capital "W" on world name or seed entry
  • MCPE-5006: Blocks held in hand are rendered "inside-out"
  • MCPE-5021: Moon phases are absent
  • MCPE-5028: Chests crash and freeze in multiplayer
  • MCPE-5076: "Leave Bed" button randomly disappears
  • MCPE-4759: Placing spruce leaves results in placing oak leaves instead
August 31, 2013




  • The sun, moon, stars and sunset added
  • Title screen improved
  • Realms inprovements
    • Realms can be reset
  • Blocks added:
    • Double Chests added
      • Chest have 3D open/close animation
      • Chests can now can be opened in Creative mode but cannot be seen (will immediately close)
    • Quartz Slabs
  • Creating a new world will have "New World" as its default name
  • Wood slab material changed to wood

Bug fixes:

  • MCPE-4546 - You can't type capital W in world or seed
  • MCPE-4122 - Glowing Obsidian can yield resources with an Iron pickaxe, but obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond one
  • MCPE-3989 - Inventory bug (throwing items in hand while in a gui)
  • MCPE-3988 - Furnace crash bug *SEVERE*
  • MCPE-39 - Wooden Slab hard to break w/ Axe (easy w/ pick)

Found bugs:

  • All leaves placed will instead place oak leaves.
  • Double chests turn dark when placing a block over it, but only on a certain side
  • Falling into the void causes the player to fall infinately, rather than die.
  • Sun, moon, and stars appear to follow the player
  • Still cannot type capital W in create world screen
  • Crafting wood slabs only returns one slab
    • The new double wood slabs still don't burn, although break with an axe.
  • Using a bucket causes the bucket to annoyingly be moved to the inventory, and if there is no space for it, the bucket will be deleted.
  • Chests are flat when held or on the ground
  • The break circle is over sized on iOS devices
  • Pressing the back button(Android) in the chest interface will exit the player to the menu screen, although the world you are in still proceeds, leading to a large amount of other bugs:
    • Pressing the options button on the title screen will show the options menu as if you were in the world still, transparent showing your game in the background.
    • Reentering your world normally will cause the screen to violently shake, making it impossible to walk anywhere
    • This bug causes your own world to show up to you as a server. If you enter the server, you may walk for a few seconds, then it will kick you and say UNABLE TO CONNECT.
  • Sandstone stairs arent craftable on survival.
  • Pillar and Chisled Quartz aren't craftable in survival.
  • Lava buckets are unusable in the furnace.
  • When creating new worlds on creative, sometimes the inventory has double chest properties.
  • Cannot make double chest on Realms.
  • Skeleton missing abdomen.
  • Sun appears in front of clouds.

August 15, 2013



  • Nametags for multiplayer
  • A list of players
  • Pressing edit on world selection screen shows seed


  • Chat is easier
    • Now supports Unicode
  • GUI change
    • Typing a Emoji causes PE to crash. (MCPE-4533)
  • Friction added when flying
  • Zombie Pigman has new cry
  • New symbols in chat
  • Sleeping takes a shorter time

Bug fixes:

  • MCPE-389 - Loading a world with a dot after the name
  • MCPE-2956 - Armor disappearing
  • MCPE-3963 - Item Display Name
  • MCPE-1723 - Inability to type the "ñ" letter and the accents (á,é,í,ó,ú)
July 4, 2013



  • Words "Pocket Edition" are updated

Bug fixes:

  • MCPE-1691 - D-pad too small to play.
  • MCPE-2407 - Game crash when signs destroyed.
  • MCPE-2453 - Furnace broken.
  • MCPE-2458 - Messed up fire animation.
  • MCPE-2461 - Eating animation missing.
  • MCPE-2541 - Armor can't be removed.
  • MCPE-2757 - Creating Realm Server Fails without Error Message.
  • MCPE-2946 - GUI on sub 6 inch 1080p Phones.
  • You can milk a cow in creative, but then, there wont be empty bucket[2]
  • Fixed losing milk buckets when crafting cake
  • Fixed when you cant obtain water with buckets in split-touch controls
  • Fixed When you want to create a new map, it will open another map (that you have) while you slide down or up.
  • MCPE-2464 - Item names not correct.
  • MCPE-2873 - Incorrect Dark-leave texture block (Survival and Creative).
  • MCPE-3857 - Empty buckets can destroy water blocks (Survival and Creative).
  • MCPE-3956 - When you pick up water, lava or milk with the buckets, the bucket will disappear from the hotbar, and will be moved to the inventory.
  • MCPE-3992 - D-Pad too big for QVGA devices
June 7, 2013



  • Minecraft Realms (is in Alpha)
    • Word creation disabled until June 10, 2013.[3]
  • Chat (ingame)
  • Blocks added:
    • Fire
  • Items added:
    • Buckets
      • Lava Buckets
      • Water Buckets
      • Milk Buckets
    • Spawn eggs
      • Chicken
      • Sheep
      • Cow
      • Pig
    • Food
      • Eggs
      • Milk
      • Cakes


  • Animated lava
  • Circle when destroying thing a block smaller
  • Connecting a player's inventory is saved in server
  • Menus changed
    • Title menu has new background and style
    • Play menu lets you visit local servers
    • Realms menu lets you play online, or in a server (needs to be invited)
    • Options has four sub-sections
    • Note: All options do not appear on all devices.
      • Gameplay: 
        • Username shows, Normal and Peaceful mode, 3rd person view updated, and local server mulitplayer
      • Graphics:
        • View distance, fancy graphics, beatiful skies, smooth lighting and hide GUI can be found in Settings.
      • Gameplay:
        • Sensitivity, invert Y-axis, lefty, play with touch,  D-pad size, split controls, and vibration when destroying blocks can be activated in Settings.
      • Sound:
        • Volume

Bugs fixed:

  • MCPE-131 - Dyes sometimes show up as the wrong color when holding in hand.
  • MCPE-173 - No water animation. (iOS)
  • MCPE-381 - Bows aren't destroyed after taking maximum damage.
  • MCPE-404 - Can't enter seed on T-mobile G2
  • MCPE-1212 - Torch placement is incorrect.
  • MCPE-1296 - Breaking a door destroys or duplicates it.
  • MCPE-1366 - Crash when TNT blows up Paintings.
  • MCPE-1896 - Cannot see what seed is being entered
  • MCPE-2407 - game crash when signs destroyed
  • MCPE-2453 - Furnace broken
  • MCPE-2458 - Messed up fire animation
  • MCPE-2461 - Eating animation missing
  • MCPE-2464 - Item names not correct.
  • MCPE-2475 - Milk bucket fills in creative, but then no empty bucket to pick up water/lava.
  • MCPE-2541 - Armor can't be removed
  • MCPE-2564 - Can't pick up water when using split touch controls
  • MCPE-2680 - Cake takes away buckets along with milk
June 5, 2013


Bugs fixed

  • Crash bugs
    • Multiplayer chests
    • Sign inputs
  • Armor that is newly put would be overwrited old if it wasn't removed first
  • Half slabs get stuck in the top section (of a block if measured)
  • Nether Quartz and Stone Brick Stairs have random texture
  • Nether Quartz stairs without language file
  • Sand and Gravel don't disappear after falling subject to gravitity.
  • ​Xperia play only
    • Xperia play controls

Android: January 31, 2013

iOS: February 2, 2013


Android users: By this update, your Android phone will need to be at Android 2.3 or up. PE no longer works on Android 2.2, 2.1, and minor.


  • Baby animals[4]
    • Spawn in new worlds
  • Sky and Clouds (appearance will vary by fast or slow devices)[5][6]
  • D-pad improved
  • Design is given a "blocky" feel to it
  • When in fly mode, the jump button is replaced with a wing button
  • Sheep can now be colored with dyes
  • New Blocks[7]:
    • Signs[8][9]
    • Netherrack
    • Nether Brick
    • Block of Quartz
    • Chiseled Quartz Block (creative only)
    • Pillar Quartz Block (creative only)
    • Cracked Stone Brick (creative only)
    • Mossy Stone Brick (creative only)
    • Stonecutter
    • Chiseled Sandstone
    • Smooth Sandstone
  • New Stairs:
    • ​Nether Brick Stairs
    • Sandstone Stairs
    • Stone Brick Stairs
    • Quartz Stairs
  • New Slabs:
    • ​Sandstone Slab
    • Stone Brick Slab
  • New Items:
    • Armor[10][11]
      • Preview (placing on player) can be done[12]
    • Nether Brick (item)
    • Nether Quartz
  • Upsidedown Stairs and Corner Stairs added[13]
  • Slabs placed in "up" position (needs testing, added later on)[14]
  • Sand and Gravel affected by gravity[15]
  • Tweaks:
    • Crafting slabs gives 6 slabs, instead of 3, as in the PC version
    • Nether Reactor gives Netherrack instead of Obsidian
    • Fog and sky colour changed
    • Sheep different
    • Nether Reactor spawns more items
    • Cows drop Leather upon death
    • When holding on a item in the hot bar, to fling it out, border turns green
    • Melons are crafted with 9 Melon slices
    • Android only:
      • The way to the pause menu is now <-

Fixed Bugs

  • MCPE-143 - Doors, traps, and ladders does not drop correctly in Survival when destroyed
  • MCPE-356 - Blocks placed where ice was dosen't show up in Multiplayer
  • MCPE-581- Two stone bricks in Creative menu
  • MCPE-591 - No description for Paintings or Glowstone
  • MCPE-592- Melons grow back instantly
  • MCPE-612- Melon seeds have pumpkin seed sprite
  • MCPE-613- Painting deflect arrows
  • MCPE-642- Catcus can't grow on sand when close to water
  • MPCE-668 - Charging the bow breaks pictures
  • MCPE-717- 1 Melon stem makes 2-4 melons
  • MCPE-722- Torches placed underwater do not drop
  • MCPE-883- Wrong sugarcane drop reactor from Nether Reactor and Creative Mode
January 30, 2013


  • Blocks added:
    • Mushrooms can be farmed
    • Melons
    • Paintings
    • Glowstone
    • Nether Reactor
      • Glowing Obsidian
      • Nether Reactor Core
    • Mobs added:
      • Zombie Pigmen


  • Food can heal more health
    • MCPE-20 - Food not restoring the right number of hearts
  • Now easier to get out of bed
    • MCPE-51 - Bed: Respawn at the wrong height?
    • MCPE-105 - You can't exit your bed with Split Touch controls
  • Hearts restored when in bed
  • Hearts are now at the top-left of the screen 
  • The game's fog is toned down
  • If you jump on crops, the crops will revert to dirt
  • Sugar Cane can now be grown on sand
    • MCPE-408 - Sugarcane is unable to be placed on sand
  • You now see the name of the item or block when you select it in the hotbar
  • New animations for Zombies, Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen
  • MCPE-1 - Trapdoors can't be crafted in survival
  • MCPE-2 - No description at Smooth stone in crafting bench
  • MCPE-4 - You can't leave your bed when sleeping
  • MCPE-6 - No explosion sound when creeper explodes
  • MCPE-7 - Seeds drop below grass block when using hoe
  • MCPE-11 - Survival bugs: Crop tiles survives farmland destroyed underneath them
  • MCPE-14 - When destroying the top half of a bed in creative mode, it give a bed back as a resource
  • MCPE-17 - TNT, Flint and Steel and Stone Bricks aren't available in the creative mode inventory
  • MCPE-18 - Grass block not available in Creative mode inventory
  • MCPE-23 - Door Duplication
  • MCPE-27 - Not possible to activate peaceful mode
  • MCPE-29 - Trapdoors can be placed on transparent blocks like flowers, saplings, glass etc.
  • MCPE-30 - Placing door on a farmland will create a floating half-door
  • MCPE-46 - Torch can be placed on side of fence
  • MCPE-57 - Multiplayer infinity bone meal
  • MCPE-93 - Players sleeping in a bed can be pushed off the bed
  • MCPE-115 - Breaking block with torch on it
  • MCPE-134 - Can't sleep with my half slabs around a bed
  • MCPE-160 - Lava burns character when lava is several blocks away
  • MCPE-172 - Stone bricks: Missing description
  • MCPE-189 - Missing Fence Sound Effect
  • MCPE-190 - Farmland and other plants bug
  • MCPE-216 - Steel and flint don't take damage
  • MCPE-218 - Bed: Should sleep when pressing the bottom end
  • MCPE-237 - Extra Feathers For Player 2
  • MCPE-261 - Player can fly out of the world
  • MCPE-269 - Using an item can sometimes attack animal/player when not facing them
  • MCPE-272 - Animals sometimes never respawn in a map
  • MCPE-303 - Sleeping at the edge of the map causes you to spawn really high in the sky after you die
  • MCPE-345 - Torches Jumping off Fences
  • MCPE-370 - Trapdoor placement bug
  • MCPE-382 - Player 1 places torch on ground, but player 2 sees them on the wall
  • MCPE-387 - Stuck when walking down side of fence when reaching closed gate
  • MCPE-390 - Cannot select stone brick stone in creative
  • MCPE-422 - Crash when loading saved world
  • MCPE-491 - Disappearing trapdoors

Found bugs:

  • Worlds crash when a player tries to open a chest.(On some devices)
  • Sometimes when harvesting seeds with a hoe the seeds still go through the block it was harvested from.
  • The tooltip/name for block for the Cyan flower says "Rose"
  • Melons grow multiple melons
  • The seeds for the melons are pumpkin seeds in the PC version
  • Melon slices have a red background
  • Paintings and Glowstone don't have a description
  • There are two stone bricks in the creative inventory (iOS only)
November 15, 2012

0.4.0 rev 2 (iOS only)

  • Updated to fit the iPhone 5

Bugs fixed:

  • Explosions destroy the ground now
  • Blocks added (Creative):
    • TNT (iOS)
    • Trapdoors (iOS)
    • Stone Bricks (iOS)
September 14, 2012


  • Blocks added:
    • ​Chests (double chests are not available)
    • Beds
    • TNT
    • Non-dark tree trunks return
  • Items added:
    • Flint and Steel
  • Mobs added:
    • ​Creeper
  • Food added:
    • Apples
    • Bread
    • Mushroom Stew
    • Raw Beef
    • Chicken
    • Raw Porkchop
  • New recipes for crafting:
    • ​Wool
    • Green Wool
    • Stone Bricks
  • Peacful mode added to Survival (no monsters)
  • Farming mechanics added:
    • Wheat
    • Seeds
    • Hoe
      • When patch of grass is destroyed with the hoe, wheat seeds will drop
  • Items added (Creative):
    • ​Mossy Stone
    • Redstone Ore
    • Wool
    • Trapdoor


  • Zombies drop feathers
  • Given monster type limited 
  • Day is longer
  • When using a item, the Player's speed decreases
  • Animal spawning
  • Snowballs can be throwed

Bug fixes:

  • Monsters cannot spawn indoors/in a structure
  • Added a fall damage for clients
  • Players could hit each other from far away
  • Incorrect bow rendering in 3rd person view fixed
  • When arrows shot, missing particles fixed
  • When stairs are destroyed, they become what their resource was (Stone Stairs reverts into Stone, etc.)
  • Charging the bow interacts with other blocks, and even destroys them
  • Game could crash when Player dies with bow charged
  • In Creative mode, players could die if they connected
  • Leaves had Crafting Table texture (dark leaves)
  • Bow didn't take damage to mob
  • When a door is destroyed, a "half" door will show

Found bugs:

  • Seeds fall through the grass block they are collected from
  • Trapdoors cannot be crafted in survival
  • Placing a block over planted seeds destroys the seeds
  • Mobs still move when game is paused
  • Food doesn't regenerate as much health as it should (bread labeled "heals 2 and a half hearts" heals only one, apples and raw meat heal one and soup and cooked meat heal only two).
  • Creepers spawn indoors.
  • The description for Stone Bricks in the crafting menu says "tile.stonebricksmooth: couldn't find desc"
  • When sleeping and your finger is moving above the torch, the flame particle will move awkwardly.
  • Creeper spawn ratio is high.
  • Bows have glitched textures sometimes for humans and skeletons.
  • Food animation for third person doesn't work
  • Explosions are silent (All you hear for creepers is "sssssss" and the creeper disappears)
  • Explosions usually does not destroy ground, only snow.
  • If one places a door on a torch, wheat, or other transparent blocks, the door is immediately destroyed but sometimes drops two doors upon destruction. It is possible to get infinite doors this way.
  • One can place a torch on the side of a fence, however, due to a lack of a surface to connect to, the torch appears to be placed on air or on the block next to the block the fence is on. A block update does not fix this, and the torch remains until either it or the fence is destroyed.
  • Xperia Play only:
    • ​Crafting Table wrong size
  • iOS only:
    • ​Missing death sound for a spider
September 6, 2012



  • Mobs
    • Skeletons
    • Spiders
  • Items
    • ​Bow and Arrow
    • Bone Meal


  • Item decay time is extended to 5 minutes
  • Hotbar has 6 slots
  • Brightness improved
  • When you fall of a high cliff, bones will be heard

Bug fixes:

  • Torch lighting not as effective.
  • Bows don't lose durability.
  • Sometimes when holding a bow, it shows the bow and the arrow.
  • When aiming using a bow in third person mode, the bow is above the hand.
  • Some sounds are missing: Spider's death sound, etc.
  • While drawing back an arrow if the user aims at a torch, sapling, flower, sugar cane, or mushroom it is broken.
  • Dandelion Yellow and Bone Meal sometimes appear as green dye in hand and also in third person mode.
  • Hostile Mobs don't have the correct or mixed up health (for example, Zombies now take up to 2 hits with a Diamond Sword.)
  • Sometimes when aiming with a bow, the game crashes and some of your stuff in furnace will be deleted.
  • The animation for drawing back the bow has gaps in between the pixels.
  • Fire has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where fire would spread throughout an entire world after a single flammable block had been set aflame by Lava
  • Corrected crafting recipes for Furnace, Block of Iron Lapiz Lazuli Block, Block of Gold and Block of Diamond.
  • Furnace crashing bug has been fixed.
  • Sapling/leaves fixes.
  • You now need a crafting table to make doors.
  • Torches can now be placed on fences.
  • Dandelion Yellow dye no longer appears as an egg in MATTIS or the hotbar
  • A bug where cactus and door placed next to each other would remove the bottom door block (and top one if a 2 level cactus).
  • Removed particles from spawning when you hit the edges of the world.
  • Stairs can now block light.
  • Some sounds that are missing can now be heard: cow hurt sound, the sound when you break glass/ice.
  • A bug fixed where fence gate would not appear in the user’s hand but in the world.
  • When a user stood on a slab and created another one, the player simply fell through.
  • Swords and other tools now take damage from hitting mobs.
  • Golden tools are no longer tougher than wooden tools.
  • The rear end texture where upside down on some animals.
  • The D-pad on iPad no longer/rarely intersects with the item slots.
  • Users can no longer place sugar cane in the water.
  • Dark green leaves have correct textures when cut by shear.
  • Blocks placed on snow aren’t duplicated in multiplayer.
August 9, 2012



  • Furnaces
    • Every item can be smelted now
  • Saplings
  • Glass Panes
  • Slabs
  • Gold Ingots
  • Gold Ore
  • Gold tools
  • Iron Ingots
  • Iron tools
  • Block of Iron
  • Diamonds
  • Diamond Ore
  • Diamond tools
  • Block of Diamond

Bug fixes:

  • Less flickering/Z targeting (in some devices)
  • If you have 1 sword, or an item or block, the "1" will never show up again
  • Mobs have correct health.
  • Fixed rendering of fence gate and half block in hand.

Bugs found:

  • Saplings aren't available in Creative.
  • Saplings aren't visible in the hotbar.
  • Dandelion Yellow is shown as an egg (and vice versa) in MATTIS and the hotbar
  • Swords don't loss durability when hitting mobs.
  • Crafting an iron block only needs 6 iron ingots, but an iron block yields 9 iron ingots
  • Crafting a Wooden Door only requires 4 Wooden Planks.
  • Crafting Stairs only require 3 of the required material, but generates only one Wooden Stair (i.e. 3 Wooden Planks for 1 Staircase).
  • Furnaces and Ladders require 5 Cobblestone and 5 Sticks (respectively).
  • Short clicking a furnace crashes the client in (MP)Creative.
July 16, 2012

0.3.0 (Android)

Still called 0.30 in change log

  • Fixed icons bug
  • More inventory space
  • A smaller GUI
April 24, 2012



  • MATTIS (Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System) crafting system added
  •  Mobs
  • Blocks:
    • Crafting Table
    • Iron Ore
    • Bookshelves (only Survival)
  • Slabs:
    • ​Brick Slabs
    • Cobblestone Slabs
    • Wooden Slabs
  • Stairs:
    • ​Brick Stairs
  • Items
    • ​Snow
    • Sticks
    • Dandelion Yellow
    • Bowls
    • Sugar
    • Books
    • Paper Coal
  • Tools
    • ​Wooden Axe
    • Wooden Shovel
    • Wooden Pickaxe
    • Wooden Sword


  • All items need to be gathered (except Shears, Bricks and Glass)
  • Cameras can be held by Inventory Editor.


  • When bookshelves are destroyed they drop 3 bookshelves instead of 3 books.
  • The items have wrong images.
  • Game force closes upon opening on some devices.
  • All items are craftable, with or without a crafting table. (Tested on Xperia Play only)
  • Game Restarts the Device upon opening on Some devices. (Tested Xperia play)
  • When trying to craft brick slabs or brick stairs, the game thinks you have one brick, not infinite.
  • There are two torch recipes for crafting, however one requires charcoal and is unusable.
  • With wooden slabs, the dropped icon and the icon in your hand is a stone slab.
  • If you have 1 sand, or a different block or item, a "1" will be next to it.
  • Despite having no furnace, iron ore can still be mined and dropped. it appears invisible in your inventory but can be placed in your world.
  • Leaf blocks have the texture of crafting table sides when held, do not stack, and have a durability bar.
  • In Survival Mode, doors cannot be collected when broken.
  • Sugar cane drops its item icon in Creative mode, and you can "pick it up".[17]
  • If you drop an axe and two different blocks, the axe symbol shows the infinity symbol instead of a number one after picked up. (other items have been tested and yes it is the same as the axe, and the item turns back to a number one once used again)
  • You cannot obtain slabs in Survival Mode.
  • Swords do not lose durability when used on a mob, only when used to break blocks.
  • When the limit of blocks is reached, you can still craft it, but it won't give you anything.
  • When crafting a [wooden door it says it requires four wooden planks and can be crafted without a crafting table, but on Minecraft for PC, it uses six wooden planks using crafting table.
  • Lava bug, it starts to spread fire all over your world without stopping. Also with lava bug, it allows water to be set on fire.(major bug)[18]
  • On rare occasions, charcoal will drop from instead of the usual coal. This is the only way to use a seemingly unusable torch recipe.
  • Cameras are very glitchy.
April 24, 2012

0.2.1 alpha2 (Android only)

  • Major bug fix where tablets and smartphones which the game cannot open
  • Acer Icona Tab A500 fixed[19]
March 17, 2012

0.2.1 (Last lite release)

The lite version leads up to this update.


  • New controller option - split-touch controls
    • This can be used for larger screens[20]
  • Mobs:
    • ​Pigs
  • Blocks:
    • ​Bookshelves (Creative only)
    • Sugar Cane (unable to collect)


  • Flying is changed - Slide the center button up to rise/Slide the center button down to descend
  • Bigger screens have a bigger hotbar

Bugs fixed:

  •  Blocks now have the 'cracking' animation when you destroy them
  • The circle shown when breaking blocks is sharper

Bugs found:

  • Enabling Split Touch mode once makes MCPE crash (without error message) on starting (old or new) world. Even uninstall/install cycle won't help. (Acer Iconia)
  • When flying above the height limit in third-person, your avatar disappears.
  • When underwater, you can't see the breaking animation
  • In creative, if you're playing in multiplayer and they go into lava or underwater and drown, they die.
  • In creative mode, flying above the height limit lets you walk on the edge of the world, on top of the block invisible bedrock found in the files of the game.
  • Sometimes in multiplayer, if you a put a block, it puts another block on top of the block you just put.
  • When someone dies in multiplayer, rarely they will be invisible and zombies will not attack the invisible player. It'll be dead by something invisible.
  • If you host a game, you will suffer from fall damage but others who join will not take damage when fell. Even if you join a game, you would not suffer but the host of the game will die from fall damage.
  • The outer circle while you're breaking a block (using normal controls, not split touch) usually disappears.
  • You can put cacti on any block as long as it has snow on top of it.[21]
March 14, 2012

0.2.0 (Android)

Still called 0.2.0 in changelog

  • Major bug fix which game crashed when wanted to create a new world
February 11, 2012

0.2.0 The Survival Update


  • Game modes
    • Creative (All worlds past 0.2.0 will be Creative)
      • Flying - Press jump button twice to fly, double press up and down to descend
    • Survival
      • Crafting is not yet added (added 0.3.0)
        • Because of this, stone shovels, stone axes, shears, stone swords, ladders, torches, wooden doors, fences, fence gates, wooden planks, bricks, wooden stairs, stone stairs, 13 of the 16 colored wool (light gray, magenta and orange), glass and leaves are all included in Survival
      • Day-night cycle
        • Zombies come out
      • The blocks in creative in the hot bar are shown, but cannot use them unless the player has it
        • This is used as the Inventory (without the 2x2 crafting grid)
      • Some materials (including the unobtainable) are in infinite stacks with a ∞ (infinity) sign.
      • When a an block/item is at 0 and is selected, a fist is shown
      • Added Hitpoints bar (health regenerates slowly, similar to PC edition)
      • Added Air Bar (can now drown)
      • Death has options
      • Breaking materials with tools depends on power of tool (e. Fist breaks Stone, giving Cobblestone, but Pickaxe is faster)
  • Mobs:
    • ​Sheep
    • Pig
    • Zombie
  • Blocks:
    • ​Fence
    • Fence Gate
    • Wooden Door
    • Cactus
    • Oak Wood (unontainable)
  • Tools:
    • ​Stone Shovel
    • Stone Pickaxe
    • Stone Axe
    • Stone Sword
    • Shears
      • Sheep are sheared by holding on the screen
  • When attempting to type in a seed, the virtual keyboard covers up the box you type the seed into and you cannot see what you are typing.
  • White wool is unobtainable.
  • There is no way to get stone blocks in Survival.
  • You can not see the fire when the zombies are burning in the day light.
  • You can hit mobs through glass.
  • You can not see fence gates when they are selected.
  • You can hit mobs through doors when looking through the window part of the door.
  • Sugar cane is unobtainable in survival.
  • If you place a ladder on a block with a thin snow layer on it and no block behind it, it will be invisible, with its normal hitbox, until a block directly adjacent to it is updated. Then, the ladder will drop as a collectible item(lighting updates via torch do apply).
  • When killed by another player, items that weren't even obtained by the player will appear (like obsidian, etc.)
  • Fences are sometimes invisible when placed close to water
  • Block of Iron, Block of Gold, and Block of Diamond are not in the survival mode inventory
  • Game crashes when trying to create a new world on some phones.
  • Sometimes The forward button doesn't work on right handed mode.(Needs Confirmation)
  • Sometimes player can't pickup items.
  • The Trees that grow have a different Wood Block ID (oak) and color than the Wood blocks in your Inventory (pine), thus making it impossible to pick up oak logs.
  • Sugar Cane doesn't drop when smacked.
  • When you break the bottom block of a Cactus it only gives one Cactus block instead of all that were above it as well.
  • You cannot place torches on fences.
iOS - February 17, 2012
Android - February 11, 2012

0.1.3 (iOS)

  • Fixed bug with opening dialogs after closing options menu
  • Improvements in network chunk loading
  • Blocks added:
    • ​An "Update game!" block for blocks as placeholder for block types that are in an future update (e. If a block is in a update, and the game hasn't been updated, this block will show)
December 14, 2011

0.1.3 (Android)

  • Better tablet support
  • Ingame UI elements are less oversized
  • Performance improvement (also in Non-Fancy)
  • Cacti in deserts
  • Turn sensitity setting added
  • Network chunk loading improved
  • J version has more sounds

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed crash bug when connecting to iOS server maps
  • Fixed blocks placed on snow added in multiplayer

Found bugs:

  • When generating a world, the loading bar freezes, and game crashes
December 3, 2011

0.1.2 (iOS)

  • Game finally released for iOS
  • Controls only avaliable to iOS
  • Cacti, Iron Ore and other ores are found in the files, but unotainable.
November 17, 2011

0.1.2 (Android)

  • Third person view on all devices
  • Controls can be mirrored for right hand players
  • In game sound can be toggled
  • Help text if verification fails
October 13, 2011

0.1.1pre (Android)

  • Fixes Xperia Play controls
October 8, 2011

0.1.1 (Android)

  • Android release
  • Auto jump feature available
  • Touchscreen controls
    • Breaks Xperia Play controls
October 7, 2011

0.1.0 (Xperia Play)

  • Pocket Edition offically released
  • Random worlds
  • Can place and destroy blocks
  • 36 kinds of blocks
    • Ladders (work)
    • Blue and Yellow flowers
    • Sugar Cane
    • Dirt
    • Gray, Pink, Lime, Yellow, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Cyan, White, Red, Green, and Brown Wool
    • Wooden and Cobblestone Stairs
    • Stone Slabs
    • Sand
    • Sandstone
    • Leaves
    • Glass
    • Stone
    • Wooden Planks
    • Wood
    • Gold Blocks
    • Iron Blocks
    • Bricks
    • (unavailable)
      • Pine Wood
      • Birch Wood
      • Ores Gravel
      • Bedrock 
      • Clay
      • TNT 
    • You can find a Camera in the files
  • Ability to do multiplayer
    • Can also save
August 16, 2011

Pre release

  • The game looks like PC Classic
    • No clouds and sky
  • Hot bar was smaller and could hold 9 items
  • Pumpkin and TNT blocks were placeable (TNT can explode)
  • Some wool was taken from Classic
  • The rose was to be implimented, but was replaced by the Cyan Flower due to hardware issues.[22]


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