Pocket Edition
Released Xperia Play:
August 16, 2011
October 7, 2011
(2.3+ January 30, 2013)
November 17, 2011
Author Mojang AB
Jens Bergensten
Aron Nieminen
Johan Bernhardsson
Daniel Kaplan
Tommaso Checchi
Written in C++ (Android)[1]
Objective-C (iOS)
Latest version 0.7.5 Size 5.3 MB
Platforms Apple iOS.svgAndroid.svg
Minecraft - Pocket Edition is the first Minecraft game port, released for Android[2] and iOS devices, and formerly for the Xperia Play. It is available on Google Play, the App Store, and on the Amazon Store[3] It was released the day after MineCon 2011, November 17, 2011[4], where Minecraft 1.0 would release. The Android port was released on October 7, 2011.[5] It currently costs USD$6.99. A free demo version was released, but does not save or have all blocks.

Gameplay Edit

The game is similar to the Xbox 360 Edition, and the original PC, but lacks main gameplay, including redstone, infinite worlds and unseen blocks and items. Multiplayer can be used, but not by the demo.[6] The crafting system is different from any other Minecraft game. The game uses MATTIS (Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System)[7]

Differences with PC EditionEdit

  • Finite worlds (256x256 blocks). Infinite worlds will possibly be implemented in Alpha 0.9.0.
  • Pocket Edition does not have any generated structures, and lacks many, many biomes
  • Clouds are not 3D. They could in 0.8.0
  • Sand, gravel, primed TNT, water and lava are affected by gravity and physics
  • Multiplayer allows 10 players
  • MATTIS crafting[7]
  • Since the Nether isn;t implemented, Nether blocks can be obtained by the Nether Reactor
  • Roses aren't in the game due to technical difficulties, but are replaced with the Cyan Flower[8] and says Rose[9]


Sprite Name Notes
Air Unobtainable in the player's inventory, Survival or Creative
Stone Stone
Grass Grass Block Color not dependent by biome
Dirt Dirt
Cobblestone Cobblestone
30px Wooden Plank all types
30px Sapling all types
Bedrock Bedrock
30px Water Color not dependent by biome
30px Lava
30px Sand
30px Gravel Old texture
30px Gold Ore
30px Iron Ore
30px Coal Ore
30px Wood all types
30px Leaves all types
30px Glass
30px Lapis Lazuli Ore
30px Lapis Lazuli Block
30px Sandstone All three types
30px Bed all colors
30px Wool All colors
30px Yellow Flower
Cyan Flower Cyan Flower Pocket Edition exclusive block. Tagged as Rose. No longer in the game
30px Brown Mushroom
30px Red Mushroom Used to make Red dye
30px Block of Gold
30px Block of Iron
30px Stone Slab
30px Wooden Slab Only Oak Wood; acted like stone prior to 0.7.3. Tagged as Fake Wood Slab if stored from before 0.7.3
30px Sandstone Slab
30px Cobblestone Slab
30px Bricks Slab
30px Quartz Slab
30px Stone Bricks Slab
30px Brick
30px TNT There is no way to ignite TNT in Creative, since burning them will not light them (bug) and there is no flint and steel in creative mode.
30px Bookshelf
30px Moss Stone Found iIn Dungens 
30px Obsidian
30px Torch
30px Fire
30px Wooden Stairs
30px Chest
30px Diamond Ore
30px Block of Diamond
30px Crafting Table
30px Wheat Crops
30px Farmland
30px Furnace
30px Sign
30px Wooden Door
30px Ladder
30px Cobblestone Stairs
30px Redstone Ore Does not drop Redstone ingame
30px Snow cover
30px Ice Unobtainable in inventory. Not translucent.
30px Snow Block
30px Cacti
30px Clay
30px Sugar Cane
30px Fence
30px Netherrack
30px Glowstone
30px Cake
30px Trapdoor
30px Stone brick

only found in strongholds

30px Glass Pane
30px Melon
30px Melon Stem
30px Fence Gate
30px Stone Brick Stairs
30px Brick Stairs
30px Nether Brick
30px Nether Brick Stairs
30px Sandstone Stairs
30px Block of Quartz All three types
30px Quartz Stairs Creative only
StoneCutter Stonecutter Pocket Edition removed block
Glowing Obsidian Glowing Obsidian Pocket Edition removed block
30px Nether Reactor Core removed block


Icon Name Note
30px All Tools
30px Flint and steel
30px Apple new texture
30px Bow
30px Arrow
30px Coal
Diamond (Gem) Diamond
30px Iron Ingot
30px Gold Ingot
30px Stick
30px Bowl
30px Mushroom Stew
30px String
Feather Feather
Gunpowder item Gunpowder
30px All armor
Flint Flint
30px Raw Porkchop new texture
30px Cooked Porkchop new texture
30px Seeds
30px Wheat
30px Bread new texture
30px Painting
30px Bucket Available as Empty, Water, Lava and Milk
30px Snowball
Leather Leather
Clay (Brick) Clay Brick
30px Clay
30px Sugar Cane
30px Paper
30px Book Uses old crafting recipe of three paper
30px Egg Spawns adult chickens rather than baby ones (bug) now fixed
30px Glowstone Dust
30px Dye All dyes
Bone Bone
30px Sugar
30px Shears
30px Melon
30px Melon Seeds
30px Raw Beef new texture
30px Steak new texture
30px Raw Chicken new texture
30px Cooked Chicken new texture
30px Spawn Egg

All hostile and peaceful mobs

30px Nether Brick
Nether Quartz Nether Quartz



SheepFace ChickenFace PigFace CowFace
Sheep Chicken Pig Cow


ZombieFace SkeletonFace SpiderFace CreeperFace ZombiePigmanFace
Zombie Skeleton Spider Creeper Zombie Pigman[10]


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