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Gold Ingots are a type of ingot that is used in crafting and can be mined with an iron or diamond pickaxe.

Crafting RecipeEdit

GoldIngot Crafting

How to craft a gold ingot.


Gold Nugget Crafting

Downcrafting a gold ingot into 9 nuggets.

Weighted Pressure Plate (Light) Crafting

Crafting a weighted pressure plate (light).

Use In CraftingEdit

Golden Apple Crafting

Crafting a golden apple.

Clock Crafting

Crafting a clock.

GoldBlock Crafting

Crafting a gold block.

Raw Materials

Blazerod Blaze RodClay (Brick) BrickBone BoneClayball ClayCoal icon32 CoalCharcoal CharcoalDiamond (Gem) DiamondEmerald-page-emerald EmeraldEnderperl icon32 Ender Pearl
Feather FeatherFlint FlintGhast Tear Ghast TearGlowstone Dust Glowstone DustGold Ingot Gold IngotGold Nugget Gold NuggetGunpowder item GunpowderLeather LeatherNether Quartz Nether QuartzNether star Nether Star