Vital statistics
Name Feather
Uses For Arrows, Book and Quill, and Firework Stars.
Hex 120
Dex 288 Bin 000100100000
First added Indev (February 19, 2010)

Feathers is a item used to make Arrows, Book and Quills, and Firework Stars. They are dropped by Chickens.


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Raw Materials

Blazerod Blaze RodClay (Brick) BrickBone BoneClayball ClayCoal icon32 CoalCharcoal CharcoalDiamond (Gem) DiamondEmerald-page-emerald EmeraldEnderperl icon32 Ender Pearl
Feather FeatherFlint FlintGhast Tear Ghast TearGlowstone Dust Glowstone DustGold Ingot Gold IngotGold Nugget Gold NuggetGunpowder item GunpowderLeather LeatherNether Quartz Nether QuartzNether star Nether Star

you use this to make arrows