Emerald is the rarest item in Minecraft. They are used as currency for trading with Villagers, and can be found in

An Emerald.
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Uses Unknown
Hex Unknown
Dex Unknown Bin Unknown
First added Unknown
Jungle Temples, Desert Temples and Extreme Hills biomes, as well as being obtained via trading with Villagers.

As a crafting outputEdit

Reverse CraftingEdit

A Block of Emerald can be placed in the middle for 9 Emeralds.

Smelting usesEdit

Ore can be placed as the input, and Coal/Charcoal as the fuel and the result is Emerald.*

*Only available via silk touch.

As a crafting ingredientEdit

Block of EmeraldEdit

To craft an Emerald, use a crafting table and a put an emerald in each slot.

Th (1)

Block of Emerald



Version Info Date
0.31 Emeralds were added, but were reffered as Diamond in the code. February 25, 2010
Minecraft Indev (1) The code was changed to a Emerald. Feburary 27, 2010

Ruby texture

Official ReleaseEdit

Version Info Date
1.3.1 Emeralds were officially added. Emerald Ore, and Blocks of Emerald were, too, added.  August 1, 2011
N/A Jeb, on twitter, revealed the proccess of Trading. Emeralds seem to become Rubies.  May 21, 2012
12w21a Emerald added. Emerald Ore offically added. May 24, 2012
12w21b Block of Emerald officially added. May 25, 2012

Zombie Villagers can be cured, and former Zombie Villagers can trade.

August 9, 2012

1.13.               confirmed new texture


Minecraft Blocks & Items Emeralds

Minecraft Blocks & Items Emeralds



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Raw Materials

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