Diamond (Gem)
Vital statistics
Name Diamond
Uses Crafting
Hex 108
Dex 264 Bin 000100001000
First added Indev 0.3.1 (Jan 29, 2010)
'D'iamonds are items that are rare in Minecraft and are the most valuable items in the game, for the reasons that it is one of the materials used to make the most powerful of tools, Enchantment Tables, and Jukeboxes. Also, Diamond Pickaxes are the only tool that can break through Obsidian, a powerful block. Diamond ore can be found in layers 1-16, found in groups of 1-10. On rare occassions, Diamond can be found in treasure chests, abandoned mine shafts, and villages. The Diamond is known as the 2nd rarest ore ever found, behind Emerald, but higest in popularity. The Diamond has also become a main symbol for Minecraft.

Use in craftingEdit

Making DiamondEdit

A Block of Diamond can be put in the middle for 9 pieces of Diamond.

As a IngredientEdit

Pocket Edition onlyEdit

Nether Reactor CoreEdit

To craft, you need 3 Diamond and 6 Iron Ingots. The nether reactor code is no longer in Minecraft is as of 2016

PC editionEdit

The Sword is messed up somehow

DiamondSword zps3435bf31

Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, HoeEdit
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Block of DiamondEdit
Craft diamondblock

Diamond HelmetEdit
9688349 orig

Diamond ChestplateEdit
Minecraft crafting a diamond chestplate

Diamond LeggingsEdit
9486368 orig

Diamond BootsEdit
8859975 orig

2932368 COM minecraft jukebox

Enchantment TableEdit

Firework StarsEdit

To craft, you need Gunpowder in the corner, any kind of Dye under it, and a Diamond next to the Gunpowder.


Minecraft Blocks & Items Diamond

Minecraft Blocks & Items Diamond




Version Info Date
0.31 Diamonds were added. In the game code, however, Diamonds were Emeralds (Emeralds were later added). January 29, 2010


Version Info Date
1.9pre2 Diamond, or Emerald, ore could be smelted into Diamonds, although at the time, the ore couldn't be picked up (there wasn't any Silk Touch at the time) without mods. September 19, 2011
Version Info Date
1.3.1 (12w21b) The code for Diamonds was changed to what we have now, Diamonds. Emeralds were soon added. May 25, 2012
1.4.6 (12w49a) Diamonds are now used to make Firework Trails. December 7, 2012

1.13 confirmed new texture


  • Diamond armor can be renewable, for the use of Villagers for trading.
  • With Lapiz Lazuli and Nether Quartz, Diamond is one of the only 3 non-renewable items in the game.
  • It is possible to end the game without Diamond (including Armor), although it is very difficult.
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