Blaze Rod
Vital statistics
Name Blaze Rod
Uses Making Blaxe Powder and Brewing Stands.
Hex 171
Dex 369 Bin 000101110001
First added Beta 1.9pre

Blaze Rods are body parts dropped by Blazes, which are found in the Nether. They can be used for potion ingredients, and they can be also used to build a Brewing Stand, and Blaze Powder. They can be stacked up to 64. They are only dropped when killed by the Player.

Crafting usesEdit

Making Blaze PowderEdit




Version Info Date
1.9pre1 Added Blaze Rods. September 22, 2011
1.9pre2 Blaze Rods can be crafted into Blaze Powder. September 29, 2011
1.9pre3 Blaze Powder can be crafted into a Brewing Stand. It is needed to make potions. October 6, 2011


Icon Achivement name In Game Description How to earn Version Restriction Prerequisites Xbox Points Earned
Achievement-Blaze Rod
Into Fire Relive a Blaze of its rod Kill a Blaze and get a Blaze Rod, PC Edition We Need to Go Deeper N.A


Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod

Blzae Rod


  • The Blaze Rod's texture is similar to the Stick texture.
  • They are dropped from mobs and used in brewing stands.
Raw Materials

Blazerod Blaze RodClay (Brick) BrickBone BoneClayball ClayCoal icon32 CoalCharcoal CharcoalDiamond (Gem) DiamondEmerald-page-emerald EmeraldEnderperl icon32 Ender Pearl
Feather FeatherFlint FlintGhast Tear Ghast TearGlowstone Dust Glowstone DustGold Ingot Gold IngotGold Nugget Gold NuggetGunpowder item GunpowderLeather LeatherNether Quartz Nether QuartzNether star Nether Star