Vital statistics
Name Beetroot
Uses Making Beetroot Soup and Red Dye.
Hex 1C9
Dex 457 Bin 000111001001
First added December 12, 2013

Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.0

Beetroots is a Pocket Edition-exclusive item added in Alpha 0.8.0. It is similar to the recently added Carrots and Potatoes. They are planted with Beetroot Seeds.

Crafting-table 4309954 lrg

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Raw Materials

Blazerod Blaze RodClay (Brick) BrickBone BoneClayball ClayCoal icon32 CoalCharcoal CharcoalDiamond (Gem) DiamondEmerald-page-emerald EmeraldEnderperl icon32 Ender Pearl
Feather FeatherFlint FlintGhast Tear Ghast TearGlowstone Dust Glowstone DustGold Ingot Gold IngotGold Nugget Gold NuggetGunpowder item GunpowderLeather LeatherNether Quartz Nether QuartzNether star Nether Star