Vital statistics
Type Solid Block
Tool In Creative, any tool.

In Survival, unbreakable.

Physics N/A
Blast resistance 18,000,000
First added Classic 0.0.12a
Hex 07
Dex 7 Bin 0111
Bedrock is a indestructible block found deep inside the earth. It can't be destroyed, even with TNT, and can be destroyed as any other block in Creative mode, but once broken, the player enters the Void. Should the player be in Creative mode, he will die after a few seconds of falling. It is one of the only two ways to die in Creative mode (besides the /kill command).

Areas found inEdit

It can be mostly found past many layers of dirt, stone and gravel. It is also found in the Nether, top and bottom, The top layer of bedrock in the Nether can also lead to the Void.

Keeping BedrockEdit

Bedrock can only be obtained in mods and Creative mode. It is permanent (mods and Creative mode bedrock can be destroyed easily), and if the SMP and/or the cheats are on, the /give command can give bedrock to the player.