A weird first day

I began playing the demo (no, I don't have Minecraft, probraly this month) , and first thing it crashed. I had to close the browser, and start over. I also had a LEGO texture pack, but it didn't. It crashed again. Restarted and it finally worked, not the texture pack. So then, I built a little hidey hole, and built a house. It was beginning to get night, so the hidey hole was useless. I forgot my crafting table, but zombies and things were out there. So, I took a look on the ceiling. Just then, my heart stopped. There was a golden armored zombie with a spider. Next thing I knew, the zombie seem on the top of the roof, or it was just me. So then, I had a spider at my doorstep. I waited till' day. And day arose, but it took forever. So then I went out. I heard a spider, and it landed right on my face! I ran into my house, got my sword, and I hit the keys, (the wrong key), the spider once again landed on me. I pressed the right button and the Spider got down. I kept hitting it, and it died, only giving me XP. I went to get wood, when I saw the weirdest thing. I saw a skeleton. It didn't hit me, and I went back home, my heart racing. I went out, and saw it once again. I stayed in my house. The zombie probrably survived due to the armor, so I'm in trouble.